The International Olympic Committee is an international organization created to revive the Olympic Games and promote the Olympic movement.

Ban Russian athletes from competing. But later "Bach stressed that the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes from the Olympic Games would be discrimination against them, and this does not comply with the principles of the International Olympic Movement". He added that the UN Human Rights Council also spoke out against such a ban. The International Olympic Committee did not send Russia and Belarus an invitation to participate in the 2024 Olympics. At the same time, this does not mean that athletes from Russia or Belarus will definitely not compete at the Games. The IOC statement stated that a decision on their participation would be "taken at the right time." The International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed representatives of Russia and Belarus to the Olympics in Paris. Nevertheless, athletes from Russia and Belarus will miss the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The IOC will not award Russians with Olympic medals that have been handed over to them.

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December 08, 2023

Recommended that international sports federations not allow Russian or Belarusian athletes and officials to participate in international competition. Paris Olympics 2024: IOC aiming to include Russian athletes despite Ukrainian president's call for their ban. "The sanctions against the Russian and Belarusian States and Governments are not negotiable. They have been unanimously confirmed by the recent Olympic Summit meeting on 9 December 2022," the IOC. "Now we are undertaking all the efforts to accomplish the mission, offer of the Olympic Movement by having athletes with Russian or Belarusian passports back into the international competitions," Bach said. "I see that the governments, it's their right to express their position," Bach said. "But that they also realize that any kind of boycott would only punish their own athletes and would deprive their people to be proud of their athletes of their Olympic performances." The International Olympic Committee, or IOC, banned the Russian Olympic Committee after the ROC recognized regional organizations from four annexed Ukrainian territories. The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that Individual Neutral Athletes (AINs) who have qualified through the existing qualification systems of the International Federations (IFs) on the field of play will be declared eligible to compete at the Olympic Games Paris 2024 in accordance with the the conditions outlined below. Individual Neutral Athletes are athletes with a Russian or Belarusian passport. Athletes from Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to participate in the Paris Olympics opening ceremony, the IOC has said. Moscow said the move "destroyed the Olympic idea.

May 08, 2024The IOC will not award Russians with Olympic medals that have been handed over to them.
March 19, 2024IOC blocks Russian athletes from Olympic opening ceremony
March 05, 2024Why did the highest sports arbitration authority reject the appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee
February 23, 2024The Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected the Russians' appeal against the decision to suspend membership in the IOC
January 27, 2024The Court of Arbitration for Sports hears Russia appeal against International Olympic Committee ban
January 09, 2024Ukrainian athletes ask France to ban Russia at 2024 Olympics
January 04, 2024IOC: athletes from Russia and Belarus will miss the Winter Olympics in South Korea
January 02, 2024Results of the year: Russian sport proudly accepted the suspension
December 05, 2023Communiqué of the 12th Olympic Summit
December 02, 2023IOC leaves Paris 2024 door open for Russian athletes
November 06, 2023Russian Olympic Committee Files Appeal Against Its Suspension By IOC
October 12, 2023IOC Executive Board suspends Russian Olympic Committee with immediate effect
October 05, 2023Russia boycotts the 2024 Olympics in Paris (Russian Olympic Committee)
September 02, 2023Athletes from Russia will not compete at Hangzhou Asian Games, International Olympic Committee decides
July 26, 2023The IOC did not send Russia and Belarus invitations to participate in the Olympics
July 11, 2023IOC cites support to let Russians compete in Olympics
May 07, 2023IOC works to return Russian, Belarusian athletes to international competitions under neutrality
April 23, 2023IOC President Thomas Bach defends plan to include Russian and Belarusian athletes at Paris Olympics
February 20, 2023IOC should consider banning Russia from Paris 2024 Olympics, 34 countries urge
January 31, 2023IOC stands by sanctions against Russia and Belarus
January 25, 2023Paris Olympics 2024: IOC aiming to include Russian athletes despite Ukrainian president's call for their ban
January 23, 2023IOC’s Bach defends Russia stance amid pro-Ukraine protest
January 09, 2023IOC hints at punishing Ukrainian athletes for boycotting Olympics
December 14, 2022Zelenskyy expresses upset over IOC intentions concerning Russian athletes
December 12, 2022IOC President Thomas Bach Wants Russian, Belarusian Athletes At Paris 2024
December 06, 2022IOC Russia Ban: IOC declares Russia and Belarus ban to continue, says ‘not the right time to UNBAN them’
October 04, 2022IOC considering lifting ban on Russian athletes
May 28, 2022
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