Metro AG is a German multinational company which operates business membership stores under Metro brand.

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According to METRO's annual report the complete METRO Group with activities in more than 30 countries has paid 196m Euro of income taxes in the FY 2021/22.

The Company Statement
February 24, 2023

The company keeps doing business in Russia as usual. The CEO of the Metro supermarket chain confirmed plans to continue business in Russia. The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption included Metro AG in the list of international war sponsors. Metro emphasized that they are maintaining operational activities in the country. The press service added that the priorities for 2023 are the strengthening of strategic business, expansion of the assortment, services and further digitalization. In addition, it is planned to "expand the geography of presence by opening stores under the "Fasol" franchise in new regions for the company." Slightly decreased revenue in 2023 vs 2022.

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Depreciation, financial result and taxes - METRO Annual Report 2021/22
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