Amalva group, UAB was founded in 2018-11-06 and is currently located at Lentvario g. 146, LT-25132 Vilnius. Company creates innovative ventilation equipment with heat recovery and reliable fire and smoke protection systems, that ensure comfort and safety in various applications. AMALVA is one of the largest and most influential manufacturers of ventilation equipment in the Baltic countries. Founded in Lithuania in 1997, the company has now become widely known throughout the world and has acquired branches in Russia and a number of European countries. These include: Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and France.

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The history of Amalva in Russia begins in 2002, when a sales office of the company was opened in Moscow. Improving and expanding, mastering ever new production technologies, the company does not deviate one step from the established quality standards and environmental requirements ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. And in 2003, in Lithuania, the corporation was awarded a government award - the national quality prize. In 2007, another branch of the company was opened in Russia in the city of Ryazan - Amalva Oka specializes in the production and sale of smoke and fireproof valves.

The Company Statement
March 19, 2024

Large scale company which makes recuperation systems for russian market and pays taxes for russian goverment. UAB Komfovent continuing operations in Russia without wanting to withdraw it.

March 19, 2024LLC "KOMFOVENT" - Ryazan - General Director D. N. Shchurkov - TIN 6230059360
August 05, 2023140 companies with Lithuanian capital in Russia: they are not closed because they are afraid of prison?
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