Avon Products, Inc. or simply known as Avon, is an American-British multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care company, based in London. It sells directly to the public. Avon had annual sales of $9.1 billion worldwide in 2020.

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Avon Beauty Products Company stops investing in the Russian market, and also stops exporting from the Russian plant to other markets, the company's associated brands also stop their franchises in the Russian Federation.

The Company Statement
December 27, 2023

Continuing to supply social selling representatives in Russia. Suspending Russian Avon exports. Continuing Russian manufacturing operations, which primarily produce cosmetics for the local market (Fragrance portfolio is currently produced in Russia). The international cosmetics concern Avon, which announced more than a year and a half ago that it would cease investing in Russia, has so far decided not to leave the country. Avon halts Russian business sale.

January 28, 2024Beauty giant Avon under fire over Russia links
January 02, 2024Avon Halts Russian Business Sale
March 14, 2022Avon stops all investments in Russia and stops exporting products from the Russian plant to all other markets.
March 14, 2022Avon stops exporting products from the Russian factory
Our Position in Ukraine
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