Axa S.A. is a French multinational insurance company headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It also provides investment management and other financial services as part of its subsidiaries. As of 2023, it is the largest financial services company by revenue in France, and the 4th largest French company.

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The Company Statement
April 18, 2024

Stop underwriting new insurance & stop renewals. French insurer AXA supports the main importer of Russian gas into Europe. Despite the war in Ukraine, French giant AXA is still providing insurance cover to Belgium’s Fluxys, which imports into France and Belgium gas held by oligarchs accused of funding Russia’s war effort, according to documents obtained by Disclose and NGO Reclaim Finance.

March 25, 2022Ukraine update on our actions
March 25, 2022French insurer AXA halts new investments in Russian assets
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