Bank Melli Iran is the first national and commercial retail bank of Iran. It is considered as the largest Iranian company in terms of annual income with a revenue of 364 657 billion Rials in 2016. It is the largest bank in the Islamic world and in the Middle East.

The Company Statement
October 26, 2023

In the near future, a new foreign insurer will enter the Russian market - a subsidiary company LLC Insurance Company "MIRAN" registered by Mir Business Bank (a Russian entity of the Iranian Bank Melli Iran). According to experts, the company is likely to focus on insuring the risks of foreign economic activities of companies from Russia and Iran. However, it may also be of interest to the market as a gateway to Iranian reinsurance capacities.

Mir Business Bank Zao | Iran Watch
JSC "MB BANK" - Moscow - General Director Khazzar M. E. - TIN 7744002363
LLC SK "MIRAN" - Moscow - INSURANCE COMPANY "MIRAN" LLC - General Director Kuznetsov A. I. - Taxpayer Identification Number 9701262931
LLC "MIRAS FC" - Kazan - LLC "MIRAS FC" - General Director Kislyakov V. E. – TIN 1655452546
JSC MB Bank in Russia (a subsidiary of Iranian Bank Melli Iran)
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