Campari Group, is an Italian company active since 1860 in the branded beverage industry. It produces spirits, wines, and non-alcoholic apéritifs. The brand portfolio of the copmany includes Aperol, Appleton, Cinzano, SKYY vodka, Espolón, Wild Turkey, Grand Marnier, and Forty Creek whisky.

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Products from Italian drinks company Campari Group, which makes the popular Aperol liquor, are still available in Russia. The company has said it would halt advertising and reduce business to just enough to pay its 118 workers in Russia. Davide Campari-Milano N.V., a structure of the Campari Group, appealed to the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region with a request to prohibit the local distributor "Master-Trade" from importing and selling drinks under its Aperol brand.Russian court sides with Campari in Aperol distributor lawsuit.

The Company Statement
August 30, 2023

The company stopped all investments in Russia including advertising & promotions and reduced the business to minimum necessary to pay the salaries to the local staff. Still operating in Russia with increasing revenue volumes in 2022 vs 2021. Campari ramping up their marketing and sales in Russia 30 August 2023. The Italian Campari Group, which owns the Aperol brand, has planned to launch its new aperitif Sarti Rosa on the Russian market.

February 21, 2024Former head of Diageo in the Russian Federation Oleg Kharitonov became CEO of the Campari division
January 11, 2024Campari Group has planned to launch a new aperitif Sarti Rosa on the Russian market
December 15, 2023Russian court sides with Campari in Aperol distributor lawsuit
October 05, 2023The owner of the Aperol brand is trying to ban its third-party imports into Russia
September 14, 2023Never Can Say Goodbye. Despite Corporate Boycotts, Western Luxury Brands Are Still for Sale in Russia
September 14, 2023They say goodbye and don’t leave. Almost all brands remain available in Russia, although they have officially left the country
May 25, 2023Which companies are leaving Russia and which are staying? Here’s a look
April 13, 2022Update on Russian activities and contribution to Ukrainian emergency
March 03, 2022Campari Group contribution to the Ukrainian Emergency
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