Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., trading as Chery and sometimes known by the pinyin transcription of its Chinese name, Qirui, is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui, China.

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The Chinese car manufacturer Chery is studying the possibility of localization of production in Russia. The company can launch its own car production in the Russian Federation or open a factory under the terms of partnership, said the president of Chery International, Zhang Guibin.

The Company Statement
July 11, 2023

Chery is ready to organize the release of its cars in Russia. The Chinese car concern can start assembly at another Sollers plant or buy out the assembly facilities. There are already eight brands from China in the top ten best-selling new cars in Russia at the end of 2023. Or even nine - depending on how you consider Moskvich: it is produced in Moscow and is considered Russian, but copies of Chinese JAC JS crossovers come off the assembly line under this name. Each of the top three Chinese brands in sales - Haval, Geely and Chery - sells more than 10,000 cars per month.

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