Coca-Cola HBC AG also known as Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company or just Coca-Cola Hellenic is the world's third-largest Coca-Cola anchor bottler in terms of volume with sales of more than 2 billion unit cases. Coca-Cola HBC AG is a Coca-Cola system company producing beverages in Italy, Nigeria and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Starts making 'Dobry Cola' in Russia

The Company Statement
July 18, 2023

As of 8th of March stopped placing orders for concentrate in Russia and ceased investments in the market, not clear whether they leave or not. Stopped all production and sales of brands of The Coca-Cola Company in Russia, renamed company to Multon Partners, will focus on the production and sale of existing local brands; intend to have a much smaller operation in Russia. The Swiss-Greek Coca-Cola HBC, despite the promise to support the implementation of the decision of the American Coca-Cola Company and statements in support of Ukraine, is leaving Russia and not gathering. But she lost the opportunity to bottle and sell drinks under the Coca-Cola brand - at least legally. In August 2022, Coca-Cola HBC announced that it had sold the last old stocks of original Coca-Cola and would now develop its Russian business "on a much smaller scale" under the new name - "Multon Partners" (that was the name of the Russian juice company, which Coca- Cola HBC bought in 2005). "Multon Partners" will focus on the production and sale of local brands "Dobry", Rich and "My Family", it was said in the release - and it was emphasized that the raw materials will be exclusively local, that is, The Coca-Cola Company will not supply concentrates for beverages.

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Where We Operate | Coca-Cola HBC (In Russia, we operate a smaller business, called Multon, focused on local brands. This business is operationally and financially self-sufficient)
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