Embracer Group AB is a Swedish video game and media holding company based in Karlstad. The company was established under the name Nordic Games Licensing in 2011 as part of Nordic Games Group and as the parent of publisher Nordic Games GmbH.

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"SABER INTERACTIV SGS" LLC (tax id 7802705343) - local entity in Russia.

The Company Statement
March 15, 2022

Received revenues in Russia in 2021-2022. Officilally announced that "Embracer does not have any direct consumer sales in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus. Consumer sales are made through third-parties which has historically represented approximately 1% of our global net sales."

August 15, 2023Savvy Games, which bought Scopely with an office in Ukraine, broke the $2 billion deal with Embracer, which has assets in the Russian Federation
July 11, 2023Swedish gaming giant Embracer remains in Russia - hundreds of millions in turnover
"SABER INTERACTIV SGS" LLC (tax id 7802705343), 100% owner - Embracer Group AB
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