Finder Technology Ltd. - is a professional import and export company situated in Hong Kong and specialized in: passive and electromechanical components; semiconductor parts and modules.

Customs data shows that the latest deliveries were in Feb 2023. The United States imposed sanctions for aiding the Russian military-industrial complex and circumventing export controls. According to the US Treasury Department, the Chinese firms include Hong Kong-based Finder Technology Ltd., which is accused of exporting 293 shipments of drone parts and other electronics.

The Company Statement
May 01, 2024

Germany's WWSemicon GmbH and Hong Kong's Finder Technology continued supplies to Russia's Compel in 2023 and appear to be the company's largest suppliers, accounting for at least 65% of Compel's imports from 2022. Overlooking the waterfront of a Hong Kong suburb, Finder Technology has shipped millions of dollars’ worth of components to Compel, including various high-priority items for Russian weapons systems.

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