Fluxys is a Belgium-based company, mainly acting as a natural gas transmission system operator. In 2004, it employed around 850 people and its infrastructure comprised about 3,700 km of pipelines and a terminal in Zeebrugge, Belgium. The company is listed on Euronext Brussels market.

Currently, Fluxys, a Belgian independent gas infrastructure operator, provides Yamal LNG with LNG storage and transshipment capacity, for which they have built a 5th 180,000 m³ LNG storage tank at the Zeebrugge terminal. Fluxys and Yamal LNG have an existing 20-year LNG transshipment contract signed in 2015. Other EU countries also import Russian LNG, but no other port processes as much as Zeebrugge. According to independent studies, the transshipment of Russian LNG carried out in Zeebrugge is overwhelmingly destined for markets outside the EU. According to an IEEFA analysis, in 2022, the Fluxys Zeebrugge LNG terminal handled 72% of all transshipment of Russian LNG in the EU, of which 93% was sent to non-EU countries. In fact, Fluxys Zeebrugge acts as a logistics hub for Novatek and its Yamal LNG. Fluxys provides services in the ports of Zeebrugge for Novatek's fleet of expensive Yamal LNG icebreakers, whose operating costs are significantly higher than those of conventional vessels.

The Company Statement
November 17, 2023

Zeebrugge's independent gas infrastructure operator, Fluxys, provides LNG storage and transshipment capacity to Yamal LNG, a joint venture controlled by the Russian gas company Novatek, which is reportedly directly involved in the financing of military aggression and war crimes. The National Agency of Ukraine for the Corruption Prevention (NAСP) included the Belgian independent operator of the Fluxys gas system in the list of international sponsors of the war. The reason was that the company promotes the export of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), which provides financing for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

November 30, 2023NAСP added the Belgian gas company Fluxys to the list of international sponsors of the war
November 30, 2023NAСP added the Belgian gas company Fluxys to the list of international sponsors of the war
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March 09, 2023EU imports of Russian LNG gas via Zeebrugge set a new record
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March 20, 2022Zeebrugge LNG terminal indirectly funds Russian war effort
March 09, 2015Yamal LNG and Fluxys LNG sign contract for LNG transshipment services at Zeebrugge LNG terminal
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