Globus Hypermarket Holding (Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG), branded as Globus, is a German retail chain of hypermarkets, DIY stores and electronics stores.

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Operates 19 hypermarkets in Russia with 9,900 employees, accounting for 14% of overall sales. The Russian network of hypermarkets is managed from Prague. Local entity: LLC "HYPERGLOBUS", Tax ID 7743543761.

The Company Statement
March 16, 2023

Still operating in Russia. The German owner of the Globus group, Matthias Bruch, previously explained the company's stay in Russia by the need to take into account almost 10,000 Russian employees, as well as customers of large stores, for whom he wants to "preserve access to food products."

June 25, 2023LLC "HYPERGLOBUS" – Shchelkovo – General Director Brileva E. E. – Taxpayer Identification Number 7743543761
March 16, 2023The Russian network of hypermarkets is managed from Prague. The Czechs will go to Moscow for an experience.
March 19, 2022Western firms’ thorny Russian dilemmas
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