The main business of Goalong Liquor (Group) is the production and sales of international spirits (such as whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, rum), as well as the import &wxport of goods and technology. Goalong Liquor Brand was proposed in 2011 to build China's first international Liquor Brand, followed by establishment of the UK Goalong Liquor Group Company, and began to register the "Goalong" trademark. The English trademark "GOALONG" is the homonym of "Gaolang". Its significance is to be continuously aggressive and forging ahead bravely, which is also the spiri of Goalong Spirit's entrepreneurship.

The Company Statement
January 26, 2024

Manufacturer and distributor of alcohol Ladoga (Tsarskaya, Barrister, Fowler’s, etc.) began producing whiskey under its Kubao brand at the Chinese Goalong Distillery for supplies to Russia.

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