International Investment Bank is a multilateral development institution that aims to facilitate connectivity and integration between the economies of the Bank’s member states in order to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth and the competitiveness of national economies, backed by the existing historical ties.

Closing its Hungarian headquarters, leaving the EU and returning to Russia due to sanctions. The International Investment Bank (IIB) in Budapest, which has come under US sanctions, is closing its Hungarian headquarters and leaving the EU. "The bank has started the relocation of its headquarters from Hungary to Russia," the statement said.

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April 19, 2023

Hungary's government has decided to withdraw its representatives from the Russia-controlled International Investment Bank (IIB) and will quit it. The IIB, which is based in Budapest and has come under US and EU sanctions, is closing its Hungarian headquarters, leaving the EU and returning to Russia.

April 20, 2023The under-sanctioned IIB returns from the EU to Russia
April 14, 2023Hungary leaves the Russian IIB
April 13, 2023Hungary to quit Russian International Investment Bank after U.S. sanctions
April 13, 2023Hungary quits Russian-controlled investment bank in Orbán U-turn
April 12, 2023The US has imposed sanctions against a bank in Hungary controlled by Russia
April 12, 2023Treasury Targets Russian Financial Facilitators and Sanctions Evaders Around the World
February 28, 2023The Russian IIB in Budapest is threatened with bankruptcy
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