Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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Leica Camera AG is a German company specializing in the production of digital and analog cameras for home and professional use.

Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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The Company Statement
May 23, 2023

Promised to close stores and to suspend all business with Russia. After the beginning of the great war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the German camera manufacturer Leica Camera AG announced the cessation of imports to the Russian Federation and the closing of the company stores in Moscow, but contrary to the promise, as investigated by "THE INSIDER", it not only continued deliveries, but also began importing binoculars with a laser rangefinder and night vision scopes. In turn, the company reported: "Leica Camera AG firmly rejects the allegations mentioned in the article of "THE INSIDER" of 18 May 2023 regarding support for the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. The statement that Leica Camera AG has continued to supply products for civil use to Russia despite the official announcement of an export stop is false. The last delivery of the products mentioned in the article to the Russian subsidiary took place at the end of February 2022 and thus indicates that shortly after the outbreak of the Russian war of aggression Leica Camera AG promptly implemented all relevant measures to obey the voluntary export ban. This also includes the closure of the Leica Store in Moscow and the decided implementation of the liquidation of the company Leica Russia at the end of 2022. Leica Camera AG has thus fully withdrawn from the Russian market, support of the Russian war of aggression is therefore purely factually impossible. Leica Camera AG has also at no time, as also mentioned in the article, circumvented any sanctions provisions."

May 23, 2023Leica continues to work in the Russian Federation despite the withdrawal statement. Its equipment is used in war
May 18, 2023The German Leica supplies the Russian Federation with binoculars and scopes despite the announcement of withdrawal from the market - mass media
May 18, 2023Leica supplies binoculars and scopes to Russia despite its resignation. Deliveries of sights began after the invasion of Ukraine
March 15, 2022Leica Camera pulls out from Russia, Leica Store Moscow closed
March 04, 2022Starting today, LeicaRumors will no longer be accessible in Russia
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