Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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The Liberian Registry is administered by a U.S. owned and operated company and managed by industry professionals who understand the business of shipping. While eliminating bureaucracy, the Registry has found the right mix of customer attention and policy enforcement. Likewise, significant investments in technology are being made to ensure superior service and convenience.

Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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The Company Statement
February 19, 2024

Russian tankers continue to trade oil. In April, Sovcomflot transferred 98 owned and chartered vessels under the management of the office in the UAE. The company SCF Management Services Dubai LTD again became the manager of Russian vessels (vessel owner) according to the data of the international information system Equasis. At the same time, 80 tankers out of these 98, which are managed by an Arab company, are registered under the flag of Liberia for the relevant companies (vessel operators). Registration and maintenance of ships is carried out by the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry. Included in the list of international war sponsors by NACP. In Feb 2024 the National Agency for the Corruption Prevention (NACP) excluded the American company Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) from the list of international sponsors of the war. The company sent a letter to NAKC, where it noted that the conditions that allow it to be removed from the list have been met. In particular, LISCR reported that all vessels of the Russian Sovcomflot were removed from the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Register. From now on, Russia's ability to transport its oil has become even more limited, its isolation from the civilized world is deeper, and its opportunities to receive "petrodollars" are smaller.

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