Mango is a Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company.

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Staff(RF), 2021
The Company Statement
March 10, 2023

For direct management reasons, Mango no longer sends its trucks to Russia, but instead uses franchises, which buy the company’s merchandise at the Spanish headquarters or through intermediaries. In addition, they received lease agreements and employees who were then working in stores under the control of the parent company.

September 14, 2023Never Can Say Goodbye. Despite Corporate Boycotts, Western Luxury Brands Are Still for Sale in Russia
July 29, 2022Mango store has opened in a Moscow shopping center. Now they are selling out the old stock, and new arrivals are expected in August 2022
June 19, 2022The popular Spanish clothing brand has completely left the Russian Federation
March 03, 2022Spanish fashion retailer Mango temporarily closes shops in Russia
March 03, 2022Marks & Spencer and Mango announced the termination of deliveries to Russia
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