Mars is an American multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services.

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"Mars has operated in Russia for over 30 years, and we employ almost 6,000 Associates who have been a vital part of our company for decades. We will continue to support them, but business as usual is not an option. This is a humanitarian crisis, and this guides all our actions. We have decided to scale back our business and will refocus our efforts in Russia on our essential role in feeding the Russian people and pets. Any profits from our Russian business will be used for humanitarian causes. We have suspended new investments in Russia and will not import or export our products in or out of Russia. Our social media and advertising activity in Russia and Belarus will remain suspended".

The Company Statement
July 07, 2023

The company promised to scale back the business and will refocus in feeding the Russian people and pets. "Any profits from the Russian business will be used for humanitarian causes. The company will not import or export the products. Factories and sales still operating in Russia". Still operating in Russia with increasing revenue volumes in 2022 vs 2021 (+$432mn or +20%). Mars last year announced the suspension of operations in Russia. However, some factories of the company continue to produce chocolate and other products. The Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region is investigating the Mars company due to possible financing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) has included two leading food corporations, PepsiCo and Mars, on the list of international sponsors of the war.

March 07, 2024The Minister of Defense gave a directive to end the sale of the products still available in Russia under the administration
October 02, 2023Companies from the USA are the most in the ranking of foreign businesses in Russia
September 14, 2023Never Can Say Goodbye. Despite Corporate Boycotts, Western Luxury Brands Are Still for Sale in Russia
September 01, 2023You’re not you when you continue to work in the Russian Federation: the NACP added PepsiCo and Mars to the list of international sponsors of the war
September 01, 2023Calls for American Food Giants, Mars and PepsiCo, to exit Russia as Ukraine names them ‘International Sponsors of War’
July 13, 2023President flew away from Mars: The company changed the head of the confectionery business in Russia
July 07, 2023TASS: the prosecutor's office of the Moscow region checks the Mars company because of the possible financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
June 18, 2023Ice cream Mars, Bounty and Twix in bars will disappear from Russian shelves
June 07, 2023Letters sent by B4Ukraine to the company (no response provided)
May 05, 2023Mars donates further $13.5 million to relief efforts in Ukraine
January 27, 2023Mars response
March 10, 2022Mars update on Russia and Ukraine
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