Raiffeisen Bank operates a banking network mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, although also maintains operations in Western Europe.

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Raiffeisenbank is a universal Russian bank, a subsidiary of the Austrian banking group Raiffeisen Bank International. Included in the list of systemically important Russian banks. Raiffeisenbank ranks second in terms of assets in the RBI Group and first in terms of profit.

The Company Statement
March 17, 2022

The unprecedented situation leads RBI to consider its position in Russia. We are therefore assessing all strategic options for the future of Raiffeisenbank Russia, up to and including a carefully managed exit from Raiffeisenbank in Russia. RBI and its subsidiary banks continue to operate in compliance with local and international sanction laws.

September 27, 2022Raiffeisen in Russia
March 25, 2022Raiffeisenbank International reported that it is considering a possible exit from the Russian market - National Bank Of Ukraine
May 07, 2022Raiffeisenbank has severed relations with a number of local banks
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