Aviation supplies supplier in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Company Statement
September 12, 2023

In the customs databases it is indeed indicated that Lithuanian Right Direction Aero sold AI Fly goods on behalf of Kargoline. Apparently, according to the documents, the spare parts were going to Kyrgyzstan, but in fact they ended up in Russia. Pavlo Chalapov is the director and owner of Right Direction Aero. He wrote that he did not sell anything to the Russian AI Fly. Chalapov said he sold parts to Kyrgyzstan and had personal guarantees from Kargoline owner and CEO Azamat Alkadyrov that the parts could not be re-exported to Russia: "As I see it, Kargoline kept us in the dark, lied to us and, obviously, forged documents." He added that from now on the company will not work with Kyrgyzstan either.

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