Reducing Activities: company scaling back some business operations while continuing others

Stay Scaling Back

Rittal is a German manufacturer of electrical enclosures for use in industrial settings. Founded in 1961, Rittal is a subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group. The name Rittal is derived from the place where the company was founded – Rittershausen in Dietzhölztal. The company headquarters is in Herborn.

Reducing Activities: company scaling back some business operations while continuing others

Stay Scaling Back
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The Company Statement
September 27, 2023

Rittal's Russian subsidiary has only supplied companies that are not on any sanctions list at any time – and are not today – and are therefore not considered critical by internationally competent authorities. Contrary to what has been stated, we are not aware of whether or when Rittal Russia's customers have in turn supplied third critical end users. It is therefore impossible for us to trace the direct connection as reported by Business Insider. At no time after the start of the war did we supply Rittal products to Russia: Rittal completely stopped all deliveries to Russia at the beginning of the war, even before the embargo was significantly tightened. We even recalled trucks that were already on their way and could still have delivered. We have ensured throughout the organisation, including internationally, that no products were delivered to Russia at any time. To this end, our subsidiaries have had clear instructions since 28 February 2022. In addition, our Russian colleagues were also instructed to implement the objectives of the embargoes within Russia as well, without putting themselves at personal risk. However, they are Russian citizens and as such must comply with local laws – as must the Rittal subsidiary there. So if they refuse legal orders in Russia, for example, and thus refuse to hand over residual stock already in Russia before the export ban, they can be liable for prosectution by the Russian authorities. There is a threat of considerable personal fines and imprisonment. We have also stopped sales activities and decided to dissolve our subsidiary in Russia. Currently, only the administrative liquidation is still ongoing.

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