ROCKWOOL is an international group of companies producing rock wool solutions. The products are used for insulation, sound insulation and fire protection and are intended for all types of buildings and structures, as well as for shipbuilding and industrial equipment.

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In October, Thomas Kähler emphasized in a letter to readers in Berlingske that the company's Russian company "produces only for the Russian market and is not dependent on raw material supplies and support from outside." Therefore, we are convinced that the production and the Russian business will continue unchanged, regardless of whether it is owned by Rockwool or by others.' Danish Rockwool has systematically and deliberately supplied the Russian navy with hundreds of thousands of square meters of ship insulation used in some of the most advanced vessels in the Russian navy. This is revealed by a comprehensive review of Russia's official tender database.

The Company Statement
September 01, 2023

Continuing business operations in Russia (4 locations). Canceled €200 million expansion investment. The Rockwool company earned millions of Krons on orders from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Among other things, Rockwool products are part of a warship that participated in the war against Ukraine last year. An official partner and distributor of Rockwool supplied materials to the Russian Navy for use in the construction of three advanced frigates. Still, the Danish stone wool giant vehemently denies having any customer relationship with Russia’s military. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Rockwool has systematically sold ship insulation that has ended up in at least 31 vessels in the Russian navy.

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