Subway is a chain of fast food restaurants operating on the principle of franchising. The largest network in the world in terms of the number of catering outlets.

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January 10, 2024

Subway’s 446 local franchises in Russia are still in business, but the US sandwich chain says it is donating its profits from Russia to humanitarian causes. Included in the list of international war sponsors by NACP. The reason was that the company continues to operate in Russia and pay taxes to the Russian budget; Subway also managed to find legal mechanisms to receive royalties from Russia.

January 10, 2024Fast food that really kills: NACP included Subway in the list of international sponsors of war
January 10, 2024NACP included the Subway restaurant chain in the list of international sponsors of the war
January 10, 2024Ukraine added Subway to the list of “war sponsors”
September 27, 2023How an American billionaire is trying to save the Subway restaurant chain
August 24, 2023Subway announced the sale of business to investment company Roark Capital
July 29, 2022LLC "SUBWAY RUSSIA SERVICE COMPANY" - General Director Elena Borisovna Boyko - TIN 7810476672
March 21, 2022Statement on Subway’s Support of Ukrainian Refugees
March 18, 2022As calls to boycott Subway intensify, CT company resists pulling out of Russia
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