Viciunai Group was established in 1991. The company is one of the largest and economically powerful producers of crab taste sticks, surimi products and fish in Europe. The group trades under the brand name „VICI“ in more than 61 countries around the world. Viciunai Group consists of 80 companies in 21 countries. The group employs more than 5000 enthusiastic people across its 9 processing sites.

Revenue(RF), mln.USD
Assets(RF), mln.USD
Capital(RF), mln.USD
Staff(RF), 2021

Vičiūnai Group factory in Kaliningrad is considered to be one of the largest Lithuanian business investments in Russia.

The Company Statement
January 04, 2024

Selling Russian operations and exiting Russia but returned supply of raw materials in RF as "it was a condition of the buyer". Viciunai continue their business as usual in Russia without any reductions despite their statements, attempt to exit Russia. Dragging feet on exiting Russia despite announcement. Viciunai successfully defends Russian trademark in court. NACP added Viciunai Group to the list of international war sponsors.

January 04, 2024Still feeding the aggressor: NACP added Viciunai Group to the list of international war sponsors
August 15, 2023Viciunai successfully defends Russian trademark in court
April 17, 2023Matijošaitis now says he has no idea when "Vičiūnai" will leave Russia: it was supposed to be April 7, but so far it's quiet
March 05, 2023Kaunas mayor vows that his business will exit Russian market
September 27, 2022Vičiūnai Group, which is still operating in Russia, does not want to open up about employee mobilization and claims to have "important business challenges"
July 18, 2022The position of "Viciunai Group" regarding the termination of business relations with Russia
June 20, 2022Viciunai Group will sell the entire business package in Russia to the chosen buyer
June 18, 2022"Vičiūnai grupė" will not make quick decisions: it promises to withdraw from Russia only in 3-4 months
May 18, 2022Viciunai Group advisors have compiled a long list of potential business buyers in Russia, including more than 30 companies
April 06, 2022The Lithuanian product manufacturer Viciunai Group will leave the Russian market
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