Wilo SE is a European manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for the building technology, water and industrial sectors with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. WIlo is owned by 91 year old Jochen Oplaender who for uknown reasons decided to omit his son and delegate the business to Oliver Hermes a few years ago. Oplaender family (other than Mr Jochen Oplaender) does not participate in company management.

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Wilo CEO is Oliver Hermes former head of Ost-Auschuss who used to meet with Putin, Medvedev and organized company events in Russia in 2019 (invited most of managing directors of subsidiaries across the world to meetings with Gerhard Schroeder in Moscow). In 2022 there was a lot of statements of Oliver Hermes published on company's wesbsite including phrases against sanctions and against of supply of weapons to Russia and against of dominance of USA.

The Company Statement
May 03, 2022

Stop shipments to and from Russia; no comment about production in Russia. Wilo SE continues to operate the factory in Russia and supplying factory with all technological components both from Germany and China. Wilo SE has own subsidiary in Russia and running it without any limits - supplied by trade goods from own factory in russia and own plants in Germany. Currently Wilo is benefiting from withdrawal of the key competitors from the russian market like Grundfos and growing the business in this country comparing with pre-war situation.

July 29, 2023Website in Russian
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