Reducing Activities: company scaling back some business operations while continuing others

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Airbus SE is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Reducing Activities: company scaling back some business operations while continuing others

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Airbus continued titanium purchases. In December 1 of 2022, Airbus made announcement about its intention to decouple its supply chain from Russian titanium in a "matter of months". It is not clear how many months Airbus has in mind, but as of the end of February (the last available data points), exports continued.

The Company Statement
March 07, 2023

Suspend supply of parts and deliveries/servicing, but continue substantial titanium purchases from Russia. Airbus Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Faury said on Feb. 16 that company data show Russian airlines flew his company’s jets more in the second half of 2022 than they did before the pandemic. Although Faury added that the company isn’t in contact with airlines in Russia, Airbus is starting to hear about difficulties keeping planes flying as they struggle to replace missing components.

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