Claas Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien mbH manufactures and markets agricultural machineries. The Company offers tractors, harvesters, pick-up choppers, baling presses, and other related equipment. Claas serves customers worldwide.

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A plant in Krasnodar & an office in Moscow

The Company Statement
April 26, 2023

Temporarily paused operations in Russia but still operating in Russia; not disclosed publicly (factory in Krasnodar). CLAAS, based in Germany, has not curtailed its work in Russia. CLAAS noted in a recent Wall Street Journal article that its food-production equipment falls within exemptions from international sanctions against Russia. The company wants to make a contribution to the global food supply even in times of war, said company boss Mohr. He calls the stopping of the grain agreement “frustrating” and officially declared that the Ivans will not leave the market and it is strategically important for them.

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