Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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Linde PLC is a multinational chemical company. Founded in Germany, since 2018, after a merger with the American company Praxair, the headquarters is located in the British city of Guildford, and formally registered in Ireland.

Clean Break: the company completely halting Russian engagements or exiting Russia

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An investigation of Der Spiegel/ZDF and Le Monde found that EU companies (including Linde) are helping the Kremlin to implement a strategic project in the Arctic. A Russian court has ordered the seizure of 13 ISO containers for liquid helium owned by Germany's Linde and put them under the control of RusKhimAlyans, a subsidiary of gas giant Gazprom, according to a Russian court ruling. The court had previously ordered nearly $500 million of assets belonging to Linde to be frozen at the request of the joint venture. The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, at the request of Ruskhimallians, which is the operator of the project for the construction of a gas processing and liquefaction complex in Ust-Luga, seized the property, funds and securities of subsidiaries of the German Linde.

The Company Statement
October 19, 2023

Reducing some customer deliveries and divesting industrial assets (no details). Continuing to provide medical and safety critical products. Suspending sanctioned projects and planning for new projects in Russia. Statement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Five offices in Russia; one in Belarus. Ammonia production factory joint venture with JSC KuibyshevAzot. One of the partners in a Novatek contract for the Arctic LNG 2 export project). Despite publicly announcing the suspension of any new projects in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Linde diligently fulfilled its contracts for the "Arctic LNG 2." In particular, Linde shipped at least three batches of equipment to Russia, including one registered with the Russian customs on June 1, 2022. A court in Russia confiscated the assets of the German company Linde GmbH, which refused to build a gas processing complex for Gazprom in Ust-Luga and supply high-tech equipment due to EU sanctions against Russia. 04.2024: UNITED RESOURCES PTO LLC becomes the new founder of the organization. The entry about the founders EISENVERK WEILBACH GMBH and LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING GMBH was removed from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. 8 more legal entities left.

June 20, 2024The court seized the funds and securities of Linde's subsidiaries based on the claim of Rukhimallians
April 16, 2024LLC "LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING RUS" – Moscow – General Director Antonov P.V. – Taxpayer Identification Number 7717702020
February 22, 2024In Russia, the property of the German company Linde, which adhered to EU sanctions, was confiscated
February 22, 2024The Russian court found Linde's compliance with EU sanctions illegal
January 10, 2024Russia left out in the cold as US sanctions torpedo LNG project
November 03, 2023Russian court orders seizure of Linde's liquid helium containers
October 19, 2023EU companies are helping the Kremlin to implement a strategic project in the Arctic - an investigation
October 19, 2023Russia hopes to begin production at its new Arctic LNG 2 liquefied natural gas megaplant by the end of the year
March 06, 2023Linde answered the question about the possible resumption of work in Russia
January 02, 2023Russia freezes Linde assets worth $488 mln
June 21, 2022German Linde may withdraw from the project with Gazprom regarding the construction of a LNG plant - media
March 17, 2022Information to our customers due to the war in Ukraine
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